Delayed Growth

Why we sometimes don't realize we're actually growing.

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Growth sometimes only becomes obvious in hindsight.

Every so often, we go through phases of felt stagnation — often triggered by the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or a deeply felt lethargy and lack of orientation.

Sometimes, we only understand years later how the emotional and spiritual chaos back then actually helped us let go of emotional baggage, define new values, develop new interests or understand more about who we are when no one’s looking.

Periods of realization of our personal growth can be temporally decoupled from the period of growth itself.

We sometimes need the context of the future to understand what we are going through in the present — and what it does to us.

To Remember

"One does not discover new countries without consenting to losing sight, for a very long time, of the shore."

— Andre Gide


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